HCL Offers Help After Harvey


We have an URGENT NEED for monetary donations to help save the tiniest victims of Hurricane Harvey, the unborn.

Abortion groups are now collecting donations to offer Harvey victims free abortions.  We see that more lives are now at stake; the abortion facilities have been busier than usual.

Thanks be to God we have also been very busy.  In the last seven days, we have seen 74 women, one pregnant with twins!

Fortunately, we have Big Blue and Baby Blue (our two mobile CPC’s) offering life affirming assistance to women tempted to abort.  Sadly, a lot of women consider abortion out of fear because of their circumstances.

So far, we can boast 100% success with the 74 women that we have seen.  Usually, more than 90% of the women that are exposed to our message of love opt for life.  But, now more than ever, we need financial assistance to continue our work outside the abortion facilities, and to keep our office open for collecting and distributing diapers, formula and baby items to our current moms, many of whom are in desperate need.  Due to Harvey, many of our ordinary fund raising efforts have had to be put on hold.

Our office took in 9” of water and is under repair but we have been able to open to distribute baby items.  We will resume our Curriculum of Life Program to our moms as soon as possible.

How many more victims of this catastrophe will there be if we are not there to stand in support and solidarity with the most vulnerable and innocent among us, our unborn brothers and sisters in Christ?  Much is required to save babies and souls.

PLEASE CONSIDER A NEW DONATION.  Whether $10, $100 or $1000, your gift from the heart will be a great investment in LIFE.

Thank you in advance, God has always been very good to the Houston Coalition for Life and I trust that He will continue.   We just need to remain faithful and continue working as hard as we can.  I hope and pray that you and your family fared well in the storm.  We all know Texans are strong and we will bounce back!



Blog Post written by:
Christine Melchor
Executive Director
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