40 Days for Life - Houston - Day 9

"They made a mess, and now we have to clean it up!"

A retired OR nurse, who had worked in a hospital in Virginia, joined Stand & Pray participants for the first time to pray outside of the abortion facility.  She said that when a woman would come to her Virginia hospital with a botched abortion, it was usually a result of a perforated uterus.  Depending on the damage done, the woman would need to have a hysterectomy. Often the operating room staff would be very frustrated and say things like, "They made a mess, and now we have to clean it up!" They were not frustrated with the woman who was hemorrhaging; they were frustrated with the abortionist.  

While we are grateful that ambulances are called following an abortion that has gone wrong, it would be so much better if there simply was no abortion to begin with. It is not just the woman's body that is damaged during an abortion, it is a woman's emotions, her heart that truly suffers. 

This retired nurse explained that she had been in the recovery room with post abortive women, the women would wake up and begin crying.  She said it was consistent; they experienced a loss. 

About 40% abortions in Harris County are from women who have aborted a previous pregnancy. Part of being pro-life is helping post-abortion women to find healing so she does not enter into the same problem again and find herself in "another mess." If you know someone who is suffering from an abortion there is help for her, including: hopeafterabortion.org 


Thank you to St. John Vianney for sponsoring this day of prayer and each Thursday during the 40 Days for Life! And thank you to the individuals who come out each week to pray for an end to abortion!  

YOU too can sign up to pray outside of the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere by contacting Theresa@HoustonCoalition.com!

40 Days for Life - Houston runs from Sept 27th - Nov 5th 2017. We specifically need help covering hours Friday, Oct 13th!

Click here for a printable 40 Days for Life flyer!


As we unite with the International 40 Days for Life and their 375 locations around the world in prayer, we pray with them a specific prayer intention and scripture verse. 

Oct 5th, Day 9: 

Intention:  For all fathers who are terrified of being fathers.  

Scripture: A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation. -Psalm 68:5


Wednesday, the Big Blue Bus was blessed to have 15 visits. Of these women, 6 had a negative pregnancy test, 4 had new pregnancies and 5 were returning for a follow up visit. At this point, all are planning to parent. Please keep all of these women in your prayers! 

All praise and glory to God!


If you have not yet signed up for an hour, we still need the help!  An hour of your time in peaceful prayer outside of the abortion facility could literally help save a life! 

Blog Post written by:
Theresa Camara
Program Director
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