40 Days for Life - Houston - Day 2

A baby saved on the first day of 40 Days for Life in Houston! 

"I will take care of my baby!" 


Here is a story of grace that occurred yesterday shared by the nurse on Houston Coalition for Life's Big Blue Bus:  

'It was the end of the day.  We were packing up, when a young woman stood outside near the bottom step of Big Blue.  She said, "I was going to have an abortion today, but I changed my mind".

She had been on the third floor of Planned Parenthood where they do the abortions.  She said,  "They were laughing in there" (referring to staff). 

She shared that she had come there 2 weeks before, but she did not have the money for the abortion, and Planned Parenthood would not give her any help (financial).

She knew that she was now 12 weeks.  She was delighted to see the 12 week baby model. 

Since she was a Harvey victim, she followed me to the Navidad Relief Center nearby to get much needed items.

As she left me, we hugged and I cried for joy.  She said, "I WILL TAKE CARE OF MY BABY."'


Here at Houston Coalition for Life, we are so thankful to God for taking care of this mamma and her little one! And we are also very concerned about what she told us.  Planned Parenthood has been posting that they are collecting money to help Harvey Victims get "reproductive healthcare"...was it just a money raising gimmic!? And an abortion activist group is claiming to collect money and giving money to Planned Parenthood to pay for free abortions for Harvey Victims...she was not informed about that either....THANK GOD! 

So where is all this so-called "relief money" going?!  Is Planned Parenthood billing for the abortion twice, once from the girl and once from this abortion activist group?! 

We do NOT want free abortions! But we also don't want a community that falsely thinks they are "helping women" to being double conned for this massive misuse of the words "compassionate care"!  


Who did help her with practical assistance?!  

We were right there thanks to donors like YOU and also an active pro-life Church - the Catholic Charismatic Center, that also reopened their doors just as they were about to close for the day!   

Thank you all who went out to pray yesterday and through this 40 Days for Life and all involved helping this young woman choose life and become more stabilized! 


Thank you St. Joseph Catholic Church and Holy Rosary Catholic Church for sponsoring today in prayer! Thank also to those come out to pray year round!



As we unite with the International 40 Days for Life and their 375 locations around the world in prayer, we pray with them a specific prayer intention and scripture verse. 


Intention: That we may use these 40 Days for Life to plead for God's mercy and grace upon all those involved in the sin of abortion.


Scripture: Blow the trumpet in Zion! Proclaim a fast, call an assembly. Gather the people, notify the congregation. Assemble the elders; gather the children and the infants at the breast... Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep and say, "Spare, O Lord, your people." -Joel 2:15-17




Yesterday, the Big Blue Bus was blessed to have 9 visits. Of these women, 3 had negative tests, 2 were returning for a follow-up ultrasound and 4 had new pregnancies. All the women are planning to keep their baby at this point! 
All praise and glory to God! 


If you have not yet signed up for an hour, we still need the help!  

An hour of your time in peaceful prayer outside of the abortion facility could literally help save a life! 

Blog Post written by:
Theresa Camara
Program Director
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