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We strongly believe that it is important to maintain a peaceful, prayerful presence in front of Planned Parenthood's abortion facility. When pro-lifers stand in prayer outside of abortion facilities, we know that, through the grace of God, hearts and minds are changed and lives are saved.

This is especially important considering Planned Parenthood's huge abortion facility at 4600 Gulf Freeway. With their expanded facilities, a constant presence of prayer at this abortion supercenter is even more critical.

40 Churches for 40 Days

This is a unique opportunity to share the pro-life message up to the last possible moment with those entering Planned Parenthood. We are looking for churches or groups willing to sponsor 6 hours of a weekday, Monday through Friday, once every other month. The six hours can be the time of day most convenient for you, although we encourage the morning hours as the women go in for abortions early in the day.

Please consider committing time to this effort as one of our original 40 churches or groups.  If you are interested and have a day in mind, or if you would like to know more about this effort, we will be happy to work with you on setting up the time most convenient for you and your church or group.

Many thanks, and may God bless you for your work for life!

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40 Days for Life - Houston

Twice a year Houston Coalition for Life partners with 40 Days for Life International and prays along side over 250 locations around the world! Houston Coalition for Life is the longest running series of campaigns in the entire world! We have over 50 churches including Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, and Non-Denominational Groups that choose to cover the sidewalk in prayer for a day during the 40 Days of prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil .

Please consider committing to an hour or more to unite with your church or group and become a part of this powerful mission that has literally seen lives saved, abortion workers convert to being pro-life, and so many women redirected to real healthcare in their community.

It is free to sign up and we provide materials! Contact Clare@HoustonCoalition.com

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Stand & Pray

Believe it or not, this is the most needed and most important role that you can assist us with at this time!  We need people to come sign up for hours around the year!

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Life Captains

During 40 Days for Life, we could use individuals at churches to work with the members of their faith community to come out and pray for an end to abortion.

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Sidewalk Counselors

Do you feel God calling you to reach out in compassion to women entering the abortion facility and offer her another chance to choose life for her baby?

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Prayer Leaders

Lead set prayers or set songs during our variety of prayer events outside the Planned Parenthood.

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Diaper Drive

Host a diaper or bottle drive at your church.

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HCL is looking for royalty free artwork, photo and computer images for our website also to create more facebook memes.

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Office Help

We could use one or two individuals to help with various office projects including data entry, phone calls, graphic design, basic web updates and more.

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Help at an Event

Lend a hand at our annual Benefit Dinner, our Walk & Run for Life, or another fundraising event.

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Something Else?

Don't let our list hold you back!
Send us an email to tell us how you can put your time and God-given talents to work for the pro-life movement.

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