Prayer and Action Today - Uniting Prayer and Action

Uniting prayer and action, Houston Coalition for Life daily reaches out to women who are traveling to abortion facilities in Houston; outside the gate, we offer them life-affirming choices.  Since our founding in 2002, through Stand & Pray and the work of on our mobile crisis pregnancy centers, we have seen over 5500 women choose life!  Reaching out one-on-one, we become keenly aware of the needs and the fears of the women (and men) who in an act of trust, open their eyes and their minds to our Sidewalk Counselors who compassionately offer life-affirming solutions.

We pray these women will realize the dangers involved in an abortion and do not attempt to numb their mind to the impending “choice” they perceive as a painful option.  We pray that they reassess their situation and allow us to help them find assistance in the community.  In a culture where complete independence has become the measure of success and abortion itself has been sold to the public for over a century, many women have bought the lie that “they have to have an abortion”; many women say they feel they have “no other choice”. 

So we reach out as a life line and hope they we see that abortion is the anti-thesis of choice!  We encourage them to realize that independence and having children are not diametrically opposed, and that temporary dependence while stabilizing within the network of society is a positive, self-strengthening series of decisions.

As a pro-life network of individuals participating in Stand & Pray right there on the sidewalk, we bring a plethora of resources for these girls to access! There on the sidewalk we witness the ambulances carting girls away and we follow up by researching the 911 calls. Off of the sidewalk, we learn of health code violations reported through the Texas Medical Board and illegal activity brought through the attention of the court system.  As we tell the girls of the risks involved, we quite frequently hear a question: “Then why are they [the abortion provider] allowed to stay open?” Why indeed!  

We too have asked them question that are quite telling:  “Would you have an abortion if it was illegal?” Most of them quickly respond, “No” in a very common sense manner. 

So even while we reach out person-to-person, we recognize the critical role our legal system can play in protecting women and children from the devastation of abortion. 

On June 4th, Governor Abbot called a special session for the Texas Legislature will be begin on July 18th. While we are out on the sidewalk, we pray for the pro-life cause to be advanced once again so that all life will be protected within the state that saw the beginning of legalized abortion.   Through our prayers and the action of within this state, may our government and its citizens respect and protect the life of every innocent person, born and unborn!       

Blog Post written by:
Theresa Camara
Program Director
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