A Story from Beyond the Sidewalk: A "Christ Incident"

The sidewalk sometimes extends beyond the front doors of the abortion clinic. Early on a beautiful May morning, our first client arrived at our “Big Blue Bus” under unique circumstances. She had come to us after a providential and completely unexpected encounter with the daughter of our director, Christine.

Around 7:30 AM that morning, the director’s daughter, Laura, just happened to be in a convenience store and overheard the woman ask the cashier where 4600 Gulf Freeway was. Laura immediately told the woman not to go to that address (which was Planned Parenthood), but instead to go to the blue bus across the street.

She gave her two cell phone numbers for staff of the bus. The woman then called one of the numbers and was guided to our bus. She had scheduled an appointment with Planned Parenthood for an ultrasound to plan an abortion.

When she arrived at the bus, she explained that she had been raped in March in the parking lot of a business late at night, but did not report it to the police. In fact, she had told no one. We immediately contacted Choices for Life (a ministry for victims of rape), and the woman talked to the director for close to four hours while sitting in the counseling room and filling the wastebasket half full with tear-filled tissues.

When Christine arrived at the bus, she told the young woman, “I was the one you spoke to on the phone this morning. My daughter, Laura, is the one you met at the convenience store. This was not a coincidence; it is what I like to call a Christ incident.”

The girl was greatly affected by this realization. After talking and crying for hours, she decided to get in touch with her mother in California where she also had lived. Her mother was very supportive and told her to have the baby. The young woman was then anxious to see her baby via ultrasound.

She was a totally different woman when she left the bus.

Just before she left, the young woman asked Christine to tell Laura thank you so much — and she would never forget her. She had found new hope!

Blog Post written by:
Theresa Camara
Program Director
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